A WORD ON VALENTINES DAY TODAY: If so-called "legislators" and the so-called "chief executive" in the Guv'ment in Washington (Chocolate City) can use a bully pulpit, all joined by department heads sermonizing whenever they want to, why can't we as citizens of this Grande (so-called) Republic? Here is the WORD FOR THE DAY.

"Love is Action" I've known for a long time that my generation, the one presently in charge, is selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent, concerned with SELF, SELF, SELF. That defines what it is all about. Consequently, this generation of mine neglects its parents. Mine is no different, she is neglected by by family. Even on Valentines Day she got only a card or two, one bouquet, and a call from another state. Pathetic! One sister came up with a dinner at her place. Oh, one letter too. The rest of my siblings and all mom's grandchildren and great-granchildren--it seems there is no Valentine Day on their calendars, except for themselves of course! I told my sister this, and she thought it was "just terrible for me to say that the family does not love Mom." I had to remind her that real love is ACTION. You can say you love a person, even put on a big show now and then that you love them, but if all the rest of the year you neglect them, well, that is proof you DON'T LOVE THE THEM, YOU LOVE YOUR ROTTEN SELF.

HERE IS A CHANCE FOR YOU TO BECOME A TRULY LOVING PERSON: LOVE THAT PERSON YOU CLAIM TO LOVE, BY LOVING THEM THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND! It is that simple and true. Otherwise, keep on being a selfish SOB that you always have been, putting on a show now and then to impress others that you are a loving person, while you keep from facing the fact you are nothing but a miserable hypocrite and fake. My family is full of hypocrites and fakes--it is the present generation now in charge, and it is despicable. Their children are following their parents too, becoming just like them in most respects. The charade rolls on! What a legacy my generation will have: a bunch of self-loving, selfish little SOBS who in turn will neglect them in their old age! What goes around, comes back around, the old saying goes, and it is so true. My generation will reap what it has sown--using Biblical language. It is a moral law in the universe, and still stands despite the garbage theory of Evolution that has everyone so confused today. Count on a miserable old age yourself if you continue to LOVE WITHOUT ACTION. You can surround yourself with all the things you like, but you still know in your heart that you are a first-class jerk (and there is no gender here, both men and women can be jerks!).

To get this brand new year of 2011 (already a violent, bloody year with massacres in Iraq and elsewhere) off with a bang, how about a reminisce of a school massacre? Remember the Jonesboro, Arkansas, Westside Middle School Massacre of March 24, 1998? Five people (including 4 girls, and 1 teacher) were shot dead, murdered ambush style, by two very crafty students, one aged 13, the other aged 11, lying under cover in the nearby woods with rifles and wearing camouflaged clothing after they pulled a fire alarm and then had a turkey shoot when the students and teachers all rushed outdoors. Ten people, nine students and one teacher, were also injured. Weren't these two young mass murderers and homegrown domestic terrorists smart? Indeed, they were smart, like hunting packs of wolves are smart. They had it all planned out, to the last detail, how to get the flock of students and teachers together and within range of their high-powered rifles. And a get-away van waited for them too, stocked with everything they needed to survive on the run for some time. With their rifles and ammunition, they could strike again at some other school or location too. It is possible they had other massacres planned, and Jonesboro's was just one of them they had in mind, except that they were captured as they ran to their van and sent to prison for a couple years each--which was all the local Jonesboro laws permitted to be done to these minors who chose to major in mass murder, not in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

But the question remains: why, even more than how? Why did they do these monstrous, cold-blooded things? Ever wonder why, while everyone is most concerned with how it was done? The question why is asked by the press and media, but they always come up with stock answers that never really get to the core underlying reasons people know in their gut but cannot say, since it is now politically incorrect to call anything today what it really is.

"Why Jonesboro Wept," Ballad of the Red Star, by Eben

Red isn't just the color of blood, fortunately. "Rose-Red" Petra, deep in the wilderness and deserts of south western Jordan, is one of the world's treasures, a timeless, fabulous lost city refound only in relatively modern times, containing some of the most amazing and beautiful buildings in the world, all cut from the living rock! It is a beautiful kind of rock too--reddish, as well as other colors, when the light strikes it in a certain way. But it is more than an archeological curiousity preserved by UNICEF as a world heritage site? Yes, it is, much more than UNICEF even imagines! Tourists go there now by the thousands to take pictures they can send to friends and use for their photo albums. Are they missing something about it: its chief secret? Could well be they are missing something, the most vital thing of all: the key to eternal happiness. Christ himself remarked that few would find it. Read what Eben makes of the wondrous Secret of ancient rock-hewn Petra.

"Ode to Rose-Red Petra," by Eben

Ever wonder why God's favorites were shepherds? The shepherds of Bethlehem of the Holy Land, out in the fields at night with their sheep were the first ones to receive the angels's proclamation that Christ was born, and they gave the shepherds a special sign by which they could identify the baby. The Christmas cards do not deal with this question, why shepherds? Why not more important or socially acceptable people? If you are one of those who wonder about such things, go to:

"Shepherds, Sordid to the Sublime"

What could be more beautiful and magical than a sleighride in the snow at Christmas? But to make it even more special, whom would you want to sit next to in the sleigh?

"Sleighride With Jesus Side by Side"

Have doctors ever made you wait, sick as you are, in crowded clinic lobbies? Why? They schedule the patients, they know exactly who is coming, and when, yet when you come on time, you still have to wait 45 minutes or more. Then when you are let in, staggering, to see the doctor, he flits in and out of the room in about 2 minutes. He may not even touch you or examine you, but he seems to know everything, and sends you on your way with another expensive prescription, which never cures anything, so that you will be back for another check the following week, feeling no better than the week before. Well...this is the wonderful assembly line that doctors have set up for their own convenience, not their patients! It pays the doctor, but soaks the patient and the tax payer. Just as the airlines routinely overbook, then make passengers wait and wait for another plane when they can't get on the one they are scheduled for, the doctors "overbook". Doctors have become rulers, and the patients serve them, not the other way round as it once was. Eben contrasts three kinds of doctors.

"3DocsRap," by Eben


In 1996 Pope John Paul has strangely kind words to say for Darwin's Evolutionary Theory. Cal Thomas took exception to those kind but badly mistaken words! It doesn't matter if the Pope were speaking "ex cathedra" or not--wrong is wrong, no matter who it is. Thomas's column inspired this response by Eben:

"Two Popes Rap," by Eben


Take the divine mystery out of the concept of God, and you don't have God! If you can explain God, that proves you just have a blurred carbon copy of something you have concocted about God and don't really know God. Why does Eben say this? Some vital things can be known, certainly. The Bible gives us the knowledge of God we must have to know Him, but we still can't explain God on that basis. Check it out!

"The Great I Am," by Eben


As Happened With Midwest Farmer Tim Hoskins, There May Come a Time in Your Life to "let go, and let God":

"Fallow," by Eben


Taking the gate to the narrow way in life (not the road most folks like to travel) can make all the difference in life now:

"The Gate," by Olympia Poet, Stuart Maxwell Hawkins


Though Mother's Day is thought to be one day, it is not. Mothers are mothers the whole year through, year after year. They never cease being mothers, even if their children die. Children are always going to be theirs, whether living or dead, as motherhood is eternal. So check out the tribute to mothers, personified in Mary.

"Mary's Questions and the Answer," by Eben


How much is Joan Baez and how much a silhouette of her own making?

"Joan Baez, a Silhouette," by Eben


The "Supreme Court," A Most Ludicrous Euphemism for Nine Crows in Black Robes Who Are Attacking the Cadaver of Freedom in America:

"Nine in Black"

Divorce and Forgiveness in a Real Life Christmas Card:


"A Fawn in Winter"

Faith in a Crisis of Persecution:

"Ballad of Silas and Paul"

A Rare Second Chance to Get It Right:


"Joseph of Arimathea"


A Victorian Christmas Experienced by Very Few. Share a a Victorian Christmas of Two Little Girls and Their Dog in Vastly Different Circumstances:

Ballad of a Victorian Christmas"


Lament of the Almost Persuaded Christian:

"Ballad of the Almost Sailed"


God is Still the Almighty, Despite the Ferocious War Being Waged by Secular Humanists Against the Judaeo-Christian Foundations, Traditions, and Freedoms of America:

"God My Shield"


You cannot possibly calculate the total human cost to society of organized gambling! It is just too immense and far reaching in human lives, lives that are misspent and misdirected by this terrible addiction called gambling. It is dressed up by the industry and also by its allies in government as a fun thing to do, a smart thing to engage in, and even good financial sense (the ads run constantly, telling suckers how smart they are to go to this and that casino and win all kinds of money to enhance their lifestyles and even put their children through college with!). It is none of those things, and can do none of those things, except it may be fun for a time, until all the money is gone from the player's bank account and wallet! Then this vice produces unending misery and wretchedness, not just for himself but his family. Society at large also suffers for the gambler's losses, in increased crime, alcoholism, spousal abuse, child abuse, inattention on the job, theft from businesses and homes to pay for gambling debts, etc. You get the picture. But do the legislators and governors? Not at all! Or they ignore the results of studies, that show the tremendous negative effects of casinos and the gambling culture on society. But this isn't news. It is easy to observe, just by looking around with your two eyes, as Raven did after the big Emerald Queen Casino opened its doors in the Port of Tacoma!

"Raven and the Poison Apple," by Eben


A "Desperate" Call for King Arthur's Knights and Palladins To Rescue Our Crumbling Castle of Washington State:

"Ballad of the ?? in Green Tights," Or, "What Do You Do With a 'Gov'ner' who ain't'?", by Ronald Ginther


Ballad Dedicated to Joan Baez Who Missed Her True Calling to Sing for the Voiceless Millions of Aborted Unborn Babies:

"Ballad of the Unknown Child," by Ronald Ginther


Lamb anyone?

"Lamb Ballads," by Eben


The Christmas Star shone most brightly over the Holocaust victims of Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwalk, and dozens of other Naxi death camps, which the current nitwit president of Iran is denying ever existed. Germany ought to invite him for a tour of the remains of these camps, and Poland too has plenty sites to show him, with buildings, pictures, Nazi records, bones, and artifacts preserved. There are pits still full of bones of Jews, which can be verified by not only surviving witnesses but also by Nazi records and diaries of guards and officers.

The evidence is mountainous! There is more evidence for these camps than the nitwit president of Iran could possibly summon for his own existence! How insulting to the intelligence of sane people. Truly, a personal tour would not just shut his mouth but just might give him a second thought about his mindless ideology of hate for the Jews and everyone who loves freedom and hates bigotry.

A valiant Dutch Christian and Resistence worker, Corrie Ten Boom, with her sister Betsy, both elderly, unmarried daughters of an aged Dutch clockmaker of renown, was imprisoned and tortured by the Nazis in a death camp for saving many Jews by hiding them in their home in Holland. This effort to saved Jews was described in her book, "The Hiding Place," but she went on to describe the death camps, where the Nazis would throw dead bodies under the trees at the camp just to mock Christmas. That is how they thought of Christmas--and the ACLU and its associated Grinches and Scrooges in America are no different in their attitude toward Christmas as they continue their multi-million dollar attack on Christmas displays, Nativity Scenes, and the very mention of Christmas in retail stores. Merry Christmas, ACLU! We are not going to give up Christmas so you can have a godless, Christmas-less, socialist police state that was once the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Please return for an Auschwitz piece by Eben when it comes on-line soon.



This is a Plea for a Future America Free of the Vice, Addiction, Impoverishment, Legislative Collusion, and Parasitical Industry of Gambling

HYPOCRISY IS THE FIRST ORDER OF THE DAY IN THE WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE: Though the Washington State Lottery presented to the voters by the Legislation as a means to gain revenues for education, the funds did not go there, and they never shall go there. Nobody knows to this day where the money is going, except those, of course, who are squandering these hundreds of millions yearly. Meanwhile, higher and higher levies and taxes are put to the long-suffering but still Democrat-duped voters to fund education's growing deficits (more for less and less, it has aptly been called).

"The Lottopus," a Rap by Eben


Secularism and Liberalism have made victimization pay big dividends:

"The Ballad of the 'Not Guilty,'" by Eben


For a break from Ballads and Rap, here is a classic, Horatio Bonar's lyrics about Christ's compassion, and an added, contemporary-style stanza by Eben:

Horatio Bonar's Lyrics, With Added Stanza by Eben


Bryan Schroeder was probably my best student in my English and composition classes at a college-seminary in Kansas, as this poem will amply prove:

"Doors of Life," by Bryan Shroeder


His Name is Y'Shua, and He is a Jew not a Gentile, a reality that explodes all the usual religious paradigms when you think about it:

"Expanding Jesus to Y'Shua," by Eben


More Ballads on Contemporary, Societal Insanities:

Composed on the Day the 2nd Gulf War Ignited:

"Jehovah's Treasure," by Eben


"Mia's Journey," by Eben re-tells the charming old Dogwood Legend, only in view of the Forty Million and more "Missing in America" Unborns who have been deprived of right to life by the infamous Roe vs. Wade ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court:

"Mia's Journey," by Eben


The story of Old St. Nick or Santa Claus has very little if anything to do with the real St. Nicholas, a Bishop of Myra, Asia Minor, in the 4th-5th century. This is a surprise to many to learn, that there was a real St. Nicholas associated with Christmas giving. Here is the true account retold by Eben:

"Old St. Nicholas," Reflections on the Old Norwegian Calendar, the Primstav


In some cases golden dreams can feed on dark illusions, or even worse things. How can a Street of Dreams, of beautiful, shining, brand-new mansions, which you see showcased in many American cities, really be streets of rickety, rat-ridden, haunted houses? Eben shows how:

"Street of Dreams," by Eben


How many mayors does your town or city have? My hometown, which is "on fire" with all sorts of mayhem, has three, and you may share one or more of them, so check them out:

"3MayorsRap," by Eben


When we find we can do for ourselves without God, a red flag ought to go up in our conscience that very moment! Are we running ahead of God, or simply doing what we should do to take care of our needs? It is had to tell sometimes just who is being left in the dust: God, or the person God wants us to be but we somehow mislaid in the difficult moment of decision. This scene of a financially strapped farmer and his successful hog-feeding friend from the farm country strikes some chords in the Bible too, such as when Elijah confronted double-minded Israelites, who couldn't make up their minds whether to serve Baal or the One True God Yahweh. Isn't that the only real issue, always--as human nature never really changes? One farmer finds out it makes all the difference, how he chooses between God and Baal's conflicting claims.

"Providence," by Eben

What if Paul Revere had not ridden to alert the colonists of the approaching British army? He and Dawes his fellow patriot on horseback inspired something like thirty other riders to go forth the same dark night to warn the colonists of approaching British soldiers. The "Regulars" were a bold plan of the British to march by night from Boston across the Charles River bridge to Lexington, Massachusetts, with the objective to capture the colonists's arms at the next town of Concord. Paul Revere's ride, and the alerts given by the others who follow his and Dawes' example, brought a reversal in these well-laid plans of the British. The battle of Lexington was fought, and the British did not fare so well, and Concord was never taken and the colonist weapons cache seized. Instead the War of Independence was ignited, and it showed everyone that the colonists had what it too to stand up to tyranny for the sake of their liberties.

Don't we desperately need Paul Reveres today who will stand up to government tyranny for the sake of preserving and saving our liberties from those who would take them away?

"Paul Revere's Ride," or "The Midnight Call," by Eben

England's most popular and beautiful princess, Diana Spenser Windsor the elegant Molothrus ater ater briefly graced a rather flawed, dull line of Windsors (aka the Guelphs of Hanover, Germany), most of them utter nincompoops in royal costumes, her husband Charles the Crown Prince most likely to prove himself chief nincompoop. Not even King George the Sawn Asunder and his long-lived, ever-faithful, dutiful daughter Elizabeth the Gold Locket can redeem such a line as this, if Charles the Hare (now a "Climate Change" Nanny) has anything to do about it in the near future!

"Why England Wept," Cameos by Eben

Please return for more of Eben, such as "Jonesboro Wept" and "Hansel and Gretel".

Want this guy on your side, or Barack Hussain Obama and his crew? This fellow could spot a rat when he saw one. If he were with us today, don't you think he would spot Obama for what he is? And I doubt he would mince any words either, just as he didn't mince words when standing up to Adolf Hitler when most people were caving in, compromising their principles and placating him any way they could.

Poetry by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins and Brian Schroeder Not Included as Eben-copyright Material